The World’s First High-Tech Shower Appliance.

The Epiphany!™ Digital Flow Optimizer uses state of the art sensors that seamlessly and automatically alter the flow of water, providing a luxurious shower experience with true efficiency.

The Epiphany!™ Digital Flow Optimizer saves up to 40% on water, energy and waste utilities. An average savings of up to $450.00 a year.

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  • Saving money is very important to me!

    Save-up-to-40pct1Savings without effort is important to us because we know most gains don’t come without some effort. That’s why we designed the Epiphany!™ to be completely automatic. Shower the way you want while still saving up to 40% on all shower related costs…now that’s effortless.

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  • Saving the environment is important to me!

    Low flow shower heads are weak and frustrating. No wonder nobody wants them! And if takes even longer to rinse out your hair, your conservation goals can go right down the drain. And showering with a timer? Yeah, right. But no one’s come up with a better idea.  Until now.

    The Epiphany!™ Digital Flow Optimizer from Intelligent Green Products, The first and only water-efficient shower solution for people who love taking a shower. Imagine: water conservation without putting your luxurious shower on the endangered list.

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  • Performance and luxury are all I care about.

    Low flow shower heads are weak and frustrating. No wonder nobody wants them! And if Lathering, shampooing and shaving in the shower doesn’t have to mean gallons and gallons of wasted water and energy. Our motion sensor seamlessly and automatically alters the flow when you naturally bend down to shave your legs or move towards your mirror to shave your face. When you’re ready to rinse, step back into the “zone” and enjoy a full flow. In this mode, the Epiphany!™ gives you all the comfort and benefits without asking you to sacrifice your shower routine.

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  • Can I have my cake and eat it, too?

    Unlike traditional low flow shower heads, our IntuiFlow™ technology achieves the conservation that you desire without compromising the performance you deserve. The Epiphany!™ allows you to save gallons of water, the energy to heat it and the energy to treat it; without compromising your shower experience.
    With the Epiphany!™ you don’t have to go to extremes to save money on your utilities, control others habits or compromise anything that you expect from your favorite shower head. Whether you’re an Epiphany!™ user to save money or the environment, you will feel good about what’s most important to you.

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  • My head hurts! Where is the Easy Button!

    Installing the Epiphany!™ starts like this. First, remove your shower head by loosening the nut above the shower head. Remove any mineral deposits or old Teflon tape from the shower arm threads. Wrap new Teflon tape around the shower arm thread and attach the Epiphany!™ device onto the shower arm. That’s it! As soon as you turn on your shower all the wonderful features and benefits begin automatically. All you have to do is enjoy your shower and maybe have your own epiphany.

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