Ken Maisch, Manufacturing

For over 41 years Ken has served as President or Senior Operating Officer of four different manufacturing organizations in the Southern Ohio with annual revenues up to $25M. He is a clear leader and expert in manufacturing and process. Ken and IGP are working closely together to define our manufacturing strategy and to qualify manufacturing partners and vendors. During his career he has lead company growth through internal product development and acquisition. Most recently, he joined TechSolve, a nationally recognized provider and Ohio’s leader in process improvement expertise across four major industry sectors: manufacturing, advanced machining, aerospace & defense, and healthcare. Ken spends the majority of his time consulting and mentoring manufacturing companies in the areas of cost control, process improvement and growth.


Dennis Devlin, Consumer Market Research

He has had a successful 25 plus year career as a Market Research & Marketing Strategy Consultant, holding market research and marketing strategy agency leadership roles, consistently translating consumer insights into effective consumer-focused marketing strategy. Along the way he has served some of the most prestigious companies including Procter & Gamble, Kellogg, Heinz, etc. Dennis is a committed consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, and facilitator on consumer insights, consumer trends, market research and consumer focused marketing strategy.


Marty Miller, Intellectual Property

Marty is Patent Counsel with the firm of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP and manages our domestic and international IP portfolio. Marty has extensive experience in all facets of intellectual property law, as well as commercial transactions involving intellectual property and technology. He has represented clients ranging from multinational corporations to universities and individuals on a wide variety of intellectual property matters. His practice spans a wide range of technological areas including medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Porter Wright, Mr. Miller was Chief Operating Officer and In-House Counsel for a technology company. His past experience also includes working as a process engineer at a large oil refinery.


Mark Moffitt, Sales & Distribution

Mark is the North American National Sales Manager for Ideal-Tridon Clamp Products. He has over 35 years of experience on the sales and distribution with three Fortune 500 companies. His expertise lies in Hardware, Automotive, Marine and Heavy Duty markets. He brings international experience as Director of Sales and Marketing for Tenneco Automotive in Australia. Mark is a graduate of the University of Akron. He has a wealth of knowledge and expertise bringing new products to market. His knowledge of distribution channels and the contacts he has cultivated make Mark a unique and invaluable asset. Mark prides himself on helping grow the people that have worked with him and actively lends a helping hand in making them successful. Mark brings understanding of the Home Channel Industry that comes from years of experience and success to our advisory team.



Tony George, Fluid Dynamics

After 40 years as a fluids expert, Tony is retired from Richards Industries, Inc., a collection of valve product lines that make it one of the largest valve manufacturers in the world. His career and skill set encompasses engineering, manufacturing, operations and general management. Tony advises IGP on fluid mechanics and business matters. Born and educated in England, Tony came to the US and worked for Westinghouse Water Reactors Division, Xomox Corporation. Tony is a licensed professional engineer with 11 patents in nuclear safety and flow control products. He has published a number of industry technical papers and articles. Tony is Chairman of the International Standards Association (ISA) Committee on Control Valve Flow Sizing Standards and US Representative to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) committee onr International Control Valve Standards.