Saving Energy Tips for Families

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energy savings tipsMore and more families are becoming more concerned about what they can do to save energy. Energy conservation may sound challenging when in fact small inexpensive changes can be made and will make a huge impact. There are changes that both your home and those living in it can make. These great tips are the secret to saving energy and taking the first steps to become more green. Here are a few energy tips for families.

Add or replace insulation.

Appropriate insulation in areas of the home such as the attic, exterior walls and floors can help save as much as thirty percent on your energy bill. When choosing to either add or replace insulation in your home make sure to select high quality insulation. If in the budget spray foam insulation is the best of the best.

Replace shower heads with low flow shower heads (or just add the The Epiphany!™ Shower System)

There are amazing low flow shower heads that help to conserve a substantial amount of water while still maintaining good water flow.

Switch off lights not being used.

So many have fallen into the habit of leaving lights on even though they are leaving the room. Over time this is a huge waste of electricity and it will show on your monthly bill. Teach your family to turn off the lights whenever there is no need for it and when they leave a room.

Shut off the water when brushing your teeth. 

Turing off the water when brushing your teeth can save as much as four gallons a minute. If the water is simply turned off that water is not wasted and you have done a great thing for one of our major resources.

 Ensure refrigerator is closed completely. 

It is very important to talk to your family and remind them to ensure that the refrigerator is closed. Refrigerators operate 24/7 so they consume large amounts of energy.

Overall, there are many amazing tips for families trying to reduce the amount of energy they use. Saving energy is simple as long as you know the things to target in your home. Simple changes such as turning off the lights when you leave a room and ensuring that the refrigerator is closed can make a big difference and take the first step to being more green.