The Importance of Water Conservation

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Importance of Water conservationThe earth is covered in water. Most of this water is salt water. Unfortunately, clean water is a limited resource. In order to drink clean water, it has to go through a process called desalination. When desalination is used, it removes salt and other minerals from salt water. This process is very expensive. Droughts tend to limit the access we have to clean and fresh water. This is why it is so important to reduce the amount of water we use. Water conservation is extremely important.

Conserving our clean water is very important to our families. You ask, “why is conserving water important to our families?” Simple answer, we will die without fresh water in just a few days. Salt water when consumed, can cause dehydration. It is harmful to our kidneys. Saltwater is bad for our bodies. The negative affect can mess with our body’s coping mechanism into disarray. Conserving water also helps prevent sinkholes. The natural aquifers run low and will cause a sinkhole to occur. Another reason for conserving water is to save more money in your pocket. Your able to save thousands of gallons of water each year. The water companies charge you less money the more you conserve water. Water conservation also means using less energy. The central facilities pumps water to have energy, which runs the electricity to your homes and offices. Energy is required to keep things running. Excess water use can put a strain on septic and sewage systems. This leads to contamination of ground water. This is why conserving water is important to families.

Water conservation is of the up most importance to the preservation and to the very health of our environment. Three percent of the planets water is fresh. The vast majority of it is in frozen glaciers and icecaps. It is also located in the ground we walk on. This leaves lakes, rainfall and rivers to provide fresh water to the 6.7 billion people in this world. Water pollution is a big problem. It hurts the amount of drinking water there is and it hurts the lives of our sea creatures. We have to protect our supply of fresh water by conserving it. Water is one of the most important resources. By saving water we help to preserve our environment. We reduce the energy required to process and deliver water, which at the same time conserves fuel resources. This means less air pollution as well. The foundation of food and life itself is water. This is why conserving water is of importance to the environment.

In closing, you can make a difference in saving water. Conserving water techniques can help us be more conscience of how we use our water. This will enable cities and regions to plan how to efficiently we use water resources in the future. Methods to save water will help future generations have more fresh water and a better environment for all.