Water Blockage?

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A “water blockage” involving a bill that was crafted by Senator Fienstein that would provide short term relief to California during their serious drought problems might not be pushed through. The White House has issued a threat to veto the bill and in return caused Feinstein to retract her ownership of the bill. This is all due to conflict between the Republican and Democratic parties working together. If we can’t work together to help millions of citizens of California in need then what is the point of having a democracy to dictate and make these decisions. Half of the time when a good solution is acquired it is shot down with the negativity of the opposing party having to admit that it is a “good idea”. If we could all sit down and set aside the differences, Californians would be able to relax a little and move toward the goal of conserving our precious resource! The Epiphany!(TM) is a solution and we need to get it out there as soon as possible.

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